Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kennett Square- These are a few of my favorite THINGS....

This is a simple but wonderful list of the items I LOVE about Kennett Square...

Obviously you need to start your research with:

Grocery Shopping- Know that Wegmans is coming in to Chadds Ford.
- They have organic section that is great
- Gas points for all points from purchases

The Kennett YMCA is the #1 Y in the Country for member experience.  They just expanded and put a lot of new features.  In addition, if you are a member you can use their childcare every other Friday evening from 6-8pm to go out- FREE.  Very awesome.

Kennett Brew Fest-

Mushroom Festival- honestly you have to go to this

The Kennett Flash- local live music:

Anson B Nixon Park- really a very amazing park.
Within this website lies the public garden:

Northbrook Orchards- best apple cider donuts ever and lots of other things too:

(The entrance to the Laurels is 100 yards off of PA Route 82 on Apple Grove Road, four miles west of Unionville, PA.)

Country Butcher- amazing cheeses/meats and other wonderful items:

Crazy burgers like Elk all of the time.  Has been featured on travel channel multiple times.

Talula's Table- obviously a big deal with their family dinner but it's awesome for coffee or snacks whatever you need:

Ice Cream:
Opa Yo (technically frozen yogurt)-

Fabulous breakfast:
Sinclairs Sunrise- (great tea as well loose leaf)

Halloween Parade
Holiday Parade
Cinco De Mayo Parade
Memorial Day Parade

I hate to even put this but the Walmart (now grocery as well) is around the corner on Rt 1.

Last but not least the Underground Railroad Tour:

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