Friday, February 28, 2014

With a thankful heart I say THANK YOU!

A few months ago I quit a job I was successful in, where I loved my co-workers, to start my own Real Estate business within Keller Williams. It was choice that didn't come without a few sleepless nights and many hours of prayer. Not only was I getting ready to leave a secure job where I felt valued but I was getting ready to say goodbye to a salaried position and move into the life of commission only. Maybe even scarier I was getting ready to be a full time mommy again which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time!  As a planner not knowing when the next paycheck will hit is a bad idea. In addition, not knowing how many listings or how much time I will need away from Emmie is just as scary.

 These thoughts didn't spark in my mind though until I started reading Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's "The One Thing" (IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: if you haven't read the book you should and if you read it your life will change in some way so be prepared). I would read a chapter at a time and then have a coaching call about it weekly. Before I knew it my journals from the coaching calls were filled with my own ideas on how I would run "my business" and filled with my personal and professional goals none of which jived while working for someone else under their goals. I started to dream about how 'I WOULD' be as a boss, and how 'I WOULD' treat my employees and how 'I WOULD' give to my community financially and through service and how 'I WOULD' make my life and my families life better and then I gave my notice.

The process of leaving a stable job and starting my own business has opened my eyes to how very lucky I am.  My loving husband Steve has stood by me through this whole crazy process.  He has supported me by taking on extra jobs on the weekends and tutoring kids after school in order to pay our bills since I quickly took us down to one salary.  My friends and family have stepped up in such a powerful ways supporting my endeavor by referring their friends and family members to me so I could help them buy or sell.  My family has again committed to helping with Emmie weekly so I can get some work completed. Last but not least, amazing agents across the country that I've met over the years have started sending me referrals showing me that they too trust in my business.  I'm very grateful for the confidence SO many of you have in me and am humbled by the fact that you truly want to see me be successful!  It is because of YOU that I will be be a success and I will make sure that my business gives back to this amazing community that I have the pleasure and opportunity to be a part of.

Thank you ALL for believing in me!

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